As our name implies, our aim is to share learning and to provide practical assistance to you in:

  • Understanding the environment in which you are working: We can analyse the key contextual issues for your work and suggest how you can deal with them.
  • Consultations: We can organise or help you to organise consultations with staff, volunteers, clients, stakeholders and members of the public in order to consider strategies, fine-tune your delivery of services and manage organisational change.
  • Monitoring: We can advise you on how to identify and prioritise subjects to be monitored; establish sensible measures and systems for capturing and recording information; analyse this information and present it to others. We can, in particular, help sort out problems with existing systems and retrofit workable solutions.
  • Evaluation and research: We can carry out a wide range of analytical, qualitative and quantitative research, including social impact measurement, in order to provide the information you need for expressing your mission, evidencing  your activities and achievements and understanding factors which are helping or hindering your progress.
  • Organisational health checks: We can identify your strengths – what you are doing well – and your limitations – what you could do better – and suggest what you can do about them.
  • Governance audits: We can explore how your management committee/board is recruited, trained and does its job and suggest practical steps towards achieving more effective performance.
  • Report writing: If you do not have the time or  you do not feel confident about writing the documents you need – annual reports, newsletters, reports to funders – we can write them for you or edit your drafts.
  • Researching and presenting your history: We can help you celebrate significant birthdays by writing your history.